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How to Pick the Right Electronic Logging Device

by qiel

Installing an electronic logging device (ELD or elog) on commercial vehicles is a requirement by law. The essence of this device is to capture the hours that a driver is on and off duty. The gadget came to replace the paper logs that were previously used. Those logs had many shortcomings, including the possibility of being tampered with and getting lost, among others.

With many ELDs on the market, it may be a daunting task to pick the best both for compliance with the law and the company’s internal use. But with the following tips, you should have an easy time selecting the best gadget.


It is critical to select a device that is easy to use by the user. Remember, the driver has a lot of work to do, so you do not want to increase their job by giving them a complicated gadget. The recording may also be complex, so it is not good to make their work more difficult with a hard-to-use elog. The ELD that you settle for must be straightforward to learn and even pose no problems using it. The users can carry out the recording of hours of service much easier, hence being more productive and avoiding any stress.


So, what are those sites that review various devices saying about the device you want to choose? It is important to buy equipment that has positive reviews or is highly rated. Checking several review sites and even seeking the opinion of people who already use the gadgets could help to get a clearer picture and make a better choice.

While considering the reviews and checking for an easy to use device, you should keep in mind that there is a market leader in the manufacture of reliable elogs and other in-vehicle technologies. EyeRide LLC is your go-to provider of elogs and other innovations to make your experience on the road better, so buy their devices, which are trusted brands with years of experience, without any doubt.


Who doesn’t love to save some money? I bet you do, and so you need to shop around and compare prices of various brands of elogs. After that, consider other critical factors like the user-friendliness and the reviews by experts and users, then buy the one that is selling at a reasonable price. However, do not fall for the trap of always buying the cheapest thing since it could prove to be more expensive in the long run. Buy one that is within your budget and meets your needs after weighing all of the relevant factors.

The intended purpose

While ELDs are mainly for compliance with the law, they may also have other solutions that they can offer to different companies. As you shop for your device, have what you need the gadget to help the company accomplish in the back of your mind. Select the gadget that meets your needs. Otherwise, it will not be of much value to your business.

Selecting an electronic logging device may be a hard task, but with the above tips, you should not have much problem picking the best. It is also good to buy a recognized brand from a company with good experience making the devices. The essence of that is to buy something with a track record, enough reviews, and even backed by some experience in manufacturing.

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