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How to Get Followers on Instagram

by jane bryon

What was the last social media app you used on your mobile? Let’s take a wild guess was it Instagram or Facebook. Most probably it would have been Instagram. What did you post? Was it a picture or a story?.

Instagram has become a go-to-app for millennials and teenagers. You could say currently Instagram is basking in glory. Instagram is the best place for both fun and business. This app allows you to get as creative as possible. You can post pictures with great filters and insta stories. Instagram was founded in 2010, which was later acquired by Facebook.

People have gotten over the fact that Instagram is a place to have fun and starting seeing its potential as a market place to sell and promote and building the audience for their products. And to achieve that goal you should increase your likes on your posts and gain more followers.

You must have seen most top brands and startups are using this platform full well to promote their products and brand. Why not you all also use this opportunity?

What other platforms would be best to share and grow other than Instagram which as monthly active members of 1.1 billion and around 500 million use the platform daily. Recent studies have proven that the average engagement rate between brands and audience is around 3%. Imagine the exposure your brand will receive on this platform.

So the main question is how to increase your followers on Instagram? Here are the tips that could increase your followers.

Get Creative

You could undoubtedly say that Instagram is one of the most creative social media application. It allows you to explore your creativity better. So why not make use of it. Every post you make, see that they are unique. This way you would attract more viewers. Not only images see that your captions are also unique. All you have to see is don’t make them boring or regular. Differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Up your game with hashtags

If you’re a regular Instagrammer you must know the importance of the hashtags. But, it’s about time you up your hashtag game. Use common hashtags that would increase your visibility. Create special hashtags for your business and cross-promote them by printing it in your print ads, receipts and on your store signage and other relevant places. Integrate these hashtags in both online and offline campaigns so that people can find it easily.

Descriptive Captions

A picture definitely explains your story better. But that doesn’t you should limit your words. So make sure that your captions are descriptive. Use storytelling tactics to describe your captions. So that they automatically generate engagement. Slowly but surely use this strategy to improve your brand visibility online.

Bio URL & conversations

Make the best use of your insta bio URL. you can put links to your website landing page or link your popular content so that people can visit your website. This way you can drive more traffic to your website. But don’t forget to change the link to new content every week, this way your audience will stay updated on your content.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your company. And also use relevant trending hashtags, this way your posts will reach the right people. Use the common hashtags and the specific hashtags as it may help you in reaching more audience.

Photo Tags

Choose properly which tagged photos will appear on your Instagram profile. Change your Instagram settings to add manually. So that you can manage your tagged photos better. If you don’t want any of the tagged photos on your profile you can’t untag them, but you can choose edit tags and choose the post you want to be untagged and choose hide from profile option.

Have a unique style & influencers

Create a unique style and voice to your Instagram account. So that your audience can recognise it instantly on their news feed. Try to use your brands signature colours in your posts. See that you post consistently on your Instagram account. That is how engagement is created. The more unique your profile looks the more people are attracted towards it.

View influencers profiles online and follow them so that you have an idea on how to create and promote unique content. You can even interact and collaborate with them to create unique content that would for sure increase engagement.

Local & Call-to-action

Check what’s going on in your area (i.e., neighbourhood or city). Having an idea about it will help you as you’re targeting ads in that area. You can get an idea of what is happening but visiting the local famous places tab. Don’t forget to add call-to-action in your posts. Mention the actions you want your customers to perform on your posts. Make it clever, so that it paves way for people to share your posts more so that your posts can go viral.


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