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How to Combine Facebook Ads and Email Marketing for Better Conversions?

by emily joyce

Are you looking for an effective approach to generate more leads to your website? Wondering how to drive organic traffic? Want to improve conversions?

Stick here, this article will guide with an amazing marketing strategy for better conversions.

Social media and email are two essential components for every business. You can interact and build a personal relationship with your targeted audience. The conversion rate produced by social media and email marketing is proven.

Are you a marketer? Then, you might be confused about choosing the best channel for your business i.e email or social media. Which is best suitable for your business? Which is most effective to communicate with audiences and prospects? No worries, the truth is these two are completely unique channels. Though each strategy has its own strength and weakness. When combined together can increase the traffic, conversion, etc.

Communication has become even stronger with social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. The email is also one of the great ways to communicate. A big thanks to mobile phones. With an internet connection, anyone can access social media, emails anywhere and anytime. No matter where and what a person is doing.

Though there are many social media channels, Facebook remains prominent among all social media platforms. As per the survey, over 23 million users are making most with Facebook each month.

If you are planning for Facebook Ads for your business. Go ahead! You’re on the right path. Facebook Ads are a great approach to increase contacts with various communities and thus reach the most number of people.

Advantages of Facebook Ads:

Flexibility – It offers various advertisements based on your company goals and objectives

Targeting – The potential reach is high

Monitoring – You can check the campaign in real time

Performance – Watch out overall performance of your campaign and you can improve it with more features to make it even better

How to create a Facebook Ads for your business?

Creating a Facebook campaign is easy. Follow a great plan, at the initial step you need to focus on what is your goal? What do you want to do? Who are your audiences? What is your targeted location? What is your budget? How long do you want to run a Facebook campaign? Planning is very important. It will help with a business making decisions from scratch.

Once you prepare a proper plan, the next step is to describe and design your Facebook Ads.

There are various formats to design a Facebook Ads

Photo: The image is an important feature in these type of formats. The Photo consists of a brief area to write text.

Sequence: Image is an important element in ads. To look more attractive, you can include extra images sequentially in a single ad.

Video: Video ads perform most engaging than photos. They can easily stand out positively in the timeline of a user.

Presentation: This is a great option for those people who want movement in their ads without producing a video. Example gif format, these can be built with a sequence of pictures.

Facebook ads can appear for targeted location and audience. Also, you have an option for targeted mobile or desktop users.

Now you know how to create a Facebook Ad. Now it’s time to combine Facebook Ad with an email marketing strategy to drive greatest conversions.

After getting targeted audience contact information. It’s time to focus on email marketing.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an effective marketing technique used in every business. It is a great way to send emails to prospects and targeted customers.

Email marketing strategy has an ability to convert prospects into potential customers. Also, convert a one-time customer into a loyal customer.

Once you start building subscriber information with Facebook ads. Now, it’s easy to promote your content. The content may be a new product launch, on-going sales, etc. Also, sending a newsletter on a regular basis to your subscriber is important for better conversion rate.

Customers with WI-FI: Prefer the user who is connected through WI-FI. Since they need not be worried about mobile data. Once the device is connected to WI-FI, automatically files get downloaded. Therefore, a user can check email once you dropped to their inbox.

Perform A/B testing: A/B testing is also called split testing. In this process, you split different technique to find which will perform better. The conversion rate will improve quickly by performing A/B testing in an effective way.

Call to action: When you’re sending an email to your subscriber. Never ever forgot to attach call-to-action button. These buttons act as an indicator of what they need to do.

Following are three main reasons to choose email marketing

Email is the top communication medium: As per research, over 75% of users check their email on a regular basis.

You own your subscriber list: There are few platforms, who can delete your account anytime without prior notice. That doesn’t happen in email, you own your subscriber list. Nobody can take away those leads from you.

Email converts better: From the past 10 years, email is generating the maximum ROI for every business. It is given a statement by marketers that – for each $1 spent, email marketing can generate $39 in return on investment.

  • Larger reach
  • An email delivers a ┬ámessage on time
  • Drive more conversions
  • Higher ROI
  • Open communication and preferred channel

In this digital marketing world, there are thousands of platform that work 24×7. Therefore, your user may opt from one channel to another. So, you need to concentrate on multiple channels in the market. Merge various channels and offer great services to your customer. Follow the mentioned technique and combine Facebook campaign ads and email marketing for better conversions.

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