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How to Capture Screenshots in Google Chrome

by jane bryon

There are times when you need to take a screenshot of a web page, but google chrome is yet to develop a feature that enables you to take screenshots directly from the browser.

However, Firefox is a step ahead from Google in this, it has a feature that allows you to take amazing screenshots. Maybe in future Google may also come up with a screen capturing feature of its own till then you need to use next best alternatives to capture screenshots from chrome browser.

While browsing on Google, you may find information that is useful or interesting. You would want to capture, so, here are few methods to capture screenshots in Google.


You can take screenshots using your desktop’s built-in function. With this, you can take screenshot easy and fast without any interruption to your work on both Windows and Mac.

Step1: Open Google chrome in your desktop or laptop.

Step2: Open the site or page that you want to capture the screenshot.

Step3: Click on the Print scan (Prt Sc SysRq on your laptop) and your screenshot is captured.

Step4: This screenshot is saved in pictures in your file explorer.

Add Extensions

You can also capture screenshots by adding screenshot capturing apps as extensions to your Google browser. There are so many apps available in the play store.

Step1: Open store in google and click screenshot capturing apps. You would find many apps.

Step2: Select an app that has good ratings and reviews and then click on add as an extension to your browser.

Step3: Once the app is added as an extension, visit the website or page you want to take a screenshot. And simply click on the icon of the app present on the right side of your URL bar.

Step4: Click on it, and capture the screenshot and download it into your desktop or laptop in whatever quality you like i.e., PNG, JPG or etc.


With mobiles taking screenshots is even easier than you imagine, most mobiles come with in-built screenshot capturing features, so it is easy and fast. All you have to do is use that feature or you can download an app using play store and capture your screenshot using that app.

Usually, you would find the screenshot capturer in notification toggle. All you have to do is visit the website or page that you want to capture and pull your notification toggle down, click on that screenshot capturer icon and your screenshot is saved in your gallery.


Step1: Open Google on your mobile.

Step2: Visit the page you want to capture, pull down your notification toggle and click on screenshot capturer icon.

Step3: And the screenshot is successfully saved into your gallery.

You can also download an app from play store, and before installing it check the user reviews and ratings. Once you found an app that ticks the box for you. Just click on the install and download the app. Once all the login/ registration is done. Just use the app to capture screenshots from google of any page or website or image you like.


Earlier you used to write down any info that you thought is important, but now people believe in working smartly and getting the task done fast. As you have so much to do, you can spend all your time on such simple jobs. So people are now taking screenshots of all the info they think important rather than writing it.

These screenshots are saved in your mobile or laptop or desktop. So they can refer to them in future. As people use google to browser, they may want to take a screenshot of a page they found interesting or useful. As Google browser doesn’t have a screenshot feature. So use the tips provided above to capture screenshots in Google Chrome.

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