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Best SEO strategies for 2019?

by emily joyce

Do you run a business? Can hear you! As a marketer, you know the true importance of implementing SEO in your business. Generating traffic to your website without SEO is like a building castle in the air. It’s always good to keep an eye on SEO to generate traffic, leads, and ROI to your website.

Your task made easier!! Don’t move, stick here. This article will help you with almost everything. The important SEO strategies you must follow in 2019. How SEO ranks your website? How to earn more ROI in 2019?

The requirement of SEO can keep changing. It may be difficult for someone to follow ongoing technics and developments. If you want more traffic to your website, then you must surely follow the latest techniques of SEO. Nothing comes easy right, just implement SEO strategies to your website and increase traffic for your website.

If you have a well-optimized website, there are many changes in more number of traffic, leads, sales, etc.

Here are the few most important SEO ranking factors.

  • Secure website
  • Page speed
  • Domain age
  • Optimized content
  • Links

Ranking in terms of search engine:

A Ranking is a process where the search engine follows various tactics and strategies and uses special technique’s to define where a specific content should display on SERP. Search visibility of your website leads to how effectively your content has appeared in search results. If your website has a unique and high visible content then everything is going fine. Your website will appear at the top of search results. Sometimes, even it displays with a featured snippet. Sounds, amazing right!!

You don’t need to waste your money on advertising. With the right implementation of SEO to your website can generate maximum ROI.

A few years ago, ranking webpage is an easy task to perform. You don’t require much effort to rank your webpage or website on the top.

  1. By adding a few primary keywords in your website content
  2. Sometimes building more spammy links to your website
  3. Posting a few banners in social media

That’s all, you’ve all done to rank top on a search engine.

Technology changes with time!! A search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing has come up with new updates. Hard times begins!! Many people are now facing difficulties to rank their websites on top.

Keep a note, everything works perfectly when you implement SEO strategies in the right manner.

SEO is mostly adopted as an effective marketing strategy used by every business. There are tons of benefits can be obtained with SEO.

Benefits of using SEO strategies

  • Best user experience
  • Increases leads
  • Build your brand credibility
  • Establish your brand awareness
  • Increases effectiveness
  • Beats the competition
  • Maximize site usability

Following are outstanding SEO strategies for 2019:

Improve the user experience of your website

Most search engine’s want to display the best and relevant results according to the user’s query. In the same manner, you need to greet users with the best user experience. By offering relevant and high-quality services or products. So that user keeps visiting your website again and again.

  • Make every post easy for a user to read
  • Analyze existing web page design
  • Improve web page design
  • Overall site loading time

Nobody wishes to land on unauthorized or spammy sites. These sites have maximum bounce rate. As per research, the websites having lower bounce rate will lead to the best ranking in SERP.

Concentrate more on topic clusters than keywords

As technology is getting upgraded day-to-day, Google is also evolving with its algorithm. The main objective is to truly understand the user’s intention. What they are expecting, what they’re actually looking for.

You cannot expect your website on a first page by simply adding a few keywords to your content. Keywords are not enough, sometimes you need to think out of the box.

Few important things that you must consider

  • Know your potential audience
  • Organize your content in the form of clusters
  • Do keyword research and add them appropriately

Longer Content = Higher Ranking

Do you publish longer content on your website? Then you’re doing your job in the right way. According to marketing analysis, a longer article can rank your website on the first page of SERP.

For most people, writing more than 2000 words for each post is not easy. It might be intensive, time taking process. Most people can neglect this fact, but to gain the user intent you need to focus on longer content.

If you’re struggling hard to write a long article for each post? Then there is a solution for you. Take one of the existing articles that maybe 1300 words. Extend the existing page to 2000 words, rather than working from zero to 2000 words.

Create authentic and SEO content

No matter whether you’re experienced or the new guy to marketing, you might hear the word ‘SEO content’ several times. SEO is the process of optimizing your webpage so that users can find through search engines. The information posted on your webpage is called content, guest post.

There are various types of SEO content such as product pages, articles, guides, infographics, etc. Develop an amazing SEO content technique by defining the set of goals, consider your target audience and build an effective editorial calendar.

SEO content refers to any sort of content which is created to attract search engines traffic.

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword optimization
  • Content organization
  • Content promotion

Create evergreen content

The important key factor of SEO is ‘fresh content’. Fresh and unique content can easily boost your website visibility. While you’re creating the content, focus on evergreen content. Yes, you heard it right. Evergreen content will have long-term value. Frequently asked questions, how-to articles, encyclopedia information, reference guides, product specification and reviews.

Importance of using evergreen content

  • Provides valuable and compounding value
  • Uses primary keywords to drive more traffic
  • Educate new and existing customers, readers
  • Builds trust
  • Attract do-follow links
  • Creates website hierarchy

Focus on Technical SEO

Many marketing doesn’t focus on technical SEO, this is where they’re throwing the diamond away and collecting the copper. Focusing on technical SEO can maximum ROI. Working on a title, heading, meta title and meta description is more important in terms of SEO.

  • The speed of the website
  • Include javascript
  • Progressive web applications

Focus on On-page and off-page optimization

SEO follows various strategies to make a search engine to index easier.

There are two ways of SEO to improve your ranking of the website i.e on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO: It is the process of completely optimizing a specific web page to rank high.

  • Content of page
  • Quality content supplies high demand
  • Title tag, URL
  • Image alt tag

Off-page SEO: Sometimes it is also known as off-site SEO. In simple terms, it is an action which is done outside of website that will impact on your website ranking.

  • Blog post
  • Forum submission
  • Article submission
  • Guest posting
  • Influencer outreach
  • Engaging on social media

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